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Unique interiors for a beautiful life

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From designing an interior to realization

Our architect will design an interior you desire. Following steps will be taken:

  1. Initial consultation. Architect will go through all requirements and desires on interior you want to have designed:
    • main purpose of interior in regard to present and the future - living area, work zone, place to relax...
    • requirements for space set out and interior functionality
    • preliminary budget
    • favorite colors, materials, styles
    • activities, hobbies
  2. After all requirements are defined, architect draws a 2D proposition - interior layout that consists of furnishing disposition, furniture lay out and a way how to move in an interior. It is necessary to provide an architect with an exact dimensions of every room in order to prepare an interior layout.
  3. 3D visual is a third step. You will get an idea of how your interior will look like, you will see colors, shapes, all components and furniture. You will be able to feel emotion of the place and decide if you like the idea and if you want to transform it into reality without having to search for available items on internet, or visit hundreds of furniture stores and become frustrated by way too many options.
  4. Next step is a quotation that will be calculated on the basis of approved 3D visual. You will also get a clear picture of what you can expect during your interior transformation. Our architect will show you samples of desired materials and colors.
  5. It is necessary to prepare a project documentation to be able to handle realization. Project documentations serves also as a guide line to construction work, electro installation, lighting set out, plumbing works as well as tailor made furniture manufacturing, floor and tiles laying and finishing wall surfacing.
  6. Supervision over the whole realization gives you comfort and you will be stress free during the whole process. 
    Our architect will take care of:
    •  Communication with suppliers and their staff
    • Complex time schedule for all activities involved in project realization
    • Time schedule for all goods, materials and work delivery
    • Supervision over work and deliveries of suppliers
    • Designer oversight making sure that realization is processed within lines of agreed project 
    • Consultations and up to date information about progress at every step of 
    • Informing client about changes or new requirements that occur during realization if  applicable
    • Handling all goods deliveries, quality control and assemble of all furniture and furnishing
    • Handling claims and possible failures during project 
    • Final check against assignment and client desire
    • Handover
  7. We are able to prepare order for all the goods and services required during the project if you decide to purchase items from our list of preferred suppliers. 

What can we handle and can be ordered from us: 

  1. Dohodnutie spolupráce a pridelenie architekta
  2. Interior study
    •  Initial consultation
    • 2D lay out proposition
    • 3D visual
    • Preliminary quotation
  3. Interior project
    •  Initial consultation
    • 2D lay out proposition
    • 3D visual
    • Preliminary quotation
    • Preparing project documentation
  4. All goods and services involved in project realization
  5. Supervision over the whole realization

We are looking forward to work with you and create a perfect interior that you desire.


Take advantage of professional approach to Your project realization

Developers that  invest  in residency and commercial projects aimed to sell or lease also make use of our services.

  1. Consultation of interior layout design. CU Interiors architect will evaluate your proposal and suggests adjustments if necessary in order to meet clients requirements. 
  2. Preparation of marketing visuals - photorealistic 3D design. We will create an attractive and practical proposal that will provide client with a clear idea of all options on furnishings.
  3. Design and create of representative model real estate.
  4. Selection of materials, furnishing and design realization
    • proposal of basic furnishing - flooring, doors, tiles, etc.
    • proposal for additional complex furnishing - kitchen, lighting, etc. 
    • providing samples of materials used in design
    • taking care of necessary paperwork -  clients support
    • ensuring interior completion
  5. Providing assistance and administration of changes in interior design if required by client
    • changes in interior disposition
    • rearranging electro installation and plumbing 
    • presenting project documentation
    • ...